Purity Ring

pink lightning




o what am i missing you said the kindest thing
o what am i missing anyone has ever said to me
you were playing nervous while you were playing with the drapes
mention somebody else and somebody else trying to escape
they were like your family but not like i am me
spoken like a prophet in all your misery
peace comes at dawn
but yours comes at night
riding your bicycle
into the light
ride like a maniac
into the light
one day soon the sky will fall and i'll be forced to see
somebody else and somebody else but you'll already be
here and not for wanting to be crying oer the sink
for somebody else and somebody else left you there to breathe



pink lightning

i would that the world become you give it time
blooming like the shadows upon you i drowned beside
floating on the water to show me your softer side
while everything is spinning beneath til
it falls like glass
just give it time
the sands will pass
heavy are the winds from the east they have come to see
fallen like hundred year old trees missed your body
watching as i comb through the pieces on the beach
patient as i bury my wrath
under pink lightning
i bear to breathe
the smoke will fall
o cease me
heavy as the weight in my chest o this seldom dread
lying in the dark with a wake curled over my head
in all my blood i'd rather be found o my recklessness
thunder o the fury of peace
i rest between
the echoing
o cease me
warm water rises
it still feels like i can't stop crying
hold me inside it
it still feels like the storm's not dying
all that was undone
was done when we were young
i'm not sure how it feels quite




drive me like we daydreamed
to the edge of where you start
leave me in the afterglow
the dew of dying stars

the storm is coming
i feel it in my scars
and in the morning
we'll wonder where we are
nothing lies above
nothing lies below
leave me here floating
i will know i know

how you move how you knew
hold me down hold me true
how you move how you knew
your ever beating heart
nothing seems so far

the world turns over
i will be lost in you
hide in the static
o push me through and through
i would fall from
your sweet height to prove
that all i am
is meant to bleed and bloom

i know it seems far but just be where you are